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26 x 11 mins

In Production

The Strange Chores

Two teenage wannabe warrior-heroes and a spirited ghost girl master the skills they need to replace an ageing monster-slayer by doing his supernatural chores.

To locals, Old Man Helsing is an eccentric, elderly gentleman, who lives alone with his peculiar pet, Snorp. But to two teenage boys with bat-guano-crazy imaginations, he’s a riddle wrapped up in an enigma, clothed in stinky overalls. After they find their weird neighbour isn’t a “monster” but a “monster slayer”, the boys beg Helsing to teach them his secret arts.


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  • Creators

    Daley Pearson
    Charlie Aspinwall

  • Director

    Scott Vanden Bosch
    Daley Pearson

  • Producers

    Charlie Aspinwall
    Colin South

  • Cast

    Michael Philippou
    Julian Dennison
    Charlotte Nicdao
    Nick Tate

  • Writers

    Daley Pearson
    Luke Tierney
    John McGeachin
    Brendan Luno
    Tim Bain

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