Doodles finalist for 2015 Online Video Awards!

Sep 29, 2015
Charlie Aspinwall


The Ludo team have just received news that Doodles has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Online Video awards, in both the Best Kids Content and Innovation categories. We want to send a GINORMOUS thanks to all the kids who’ve sent in their awesome drawings!!! We are flabbergasted and delighted by the number of drawings we’ve received from young Picasso’s out there, with the website now approaching it’s 1000 doodle. With the Youtube channel only launching a few months ago, we’re completely chuffed with the nomination!!!


You can check out the Doodles online platforms here:

Doodles – Youtube
Doodles – Website

What Happens Now?

The Judges will pick a winner from each category and the Best Overall Winner. They will be announced at the OVAs Awards Ceremony on October 21st!

You can see the full list here

While you’re at it why not play a Doodles game…
DOODLES GAME – What’s Your Super-Power!??

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